A Golden Moment


For many years I have been contemplating reality and our place in it…

We often to refer to someone or something as being crazy when it does not partake in the common consensus of reality – that is what people generally accept as their reality.

But… What is reality?

If each person is a walking generator of their reality (by turning electrical impulses from their surroundings into sights, sounds, smells, etc), then this would really mean that each and every reality is co-existing with each and every other reality.

Big thoughts lead to bigger questions that all lead to the same place.

Reality exists in every given moment.

Reality exists in any given moment.

All moments are simultaneous.

All moments are eternal.

All moments are happening now.

In other words, each and every reality (and infinite possibility) is happening right now.

In that moment that just passed.

And in this moment that is . . . .

What I Am saying is that when you are aware of any particular moment, that is when you’re creating it.

Bam. There it is. Did your mind just get blown? Mine did.


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