Earth – An Emotional Journey


I decided to start writing this down, not as a guide, nor as some sort of guru, I am writing this blog purely so that you may draw your own ideas, thoughts and beliefs from anything you may find herein that is applicable for you.

Each and every one of us is on our own journey.

However, when we meet other travellers on our path through this life, if we share our stories, we may find a seed of wisdom that we can use for ourselves. 

This is the reason we came to Earth, to participate in this great playground of experience. The reason we are in tangible, seperate bodies is so that we may truly experience individuality, and the reason we feel emotions is so that we remember that what we see is not the only thing that is real.

The reason that we are all here together is because sometimes this experience can be harrowing and painful, we need to know that there are others who have walked a similar path and survived, we need to know that pain is not all that exists.

We are here so that we may experience, and then share the lessons we have learned, the insights we have gained and the wisdom that is now part of our souls. To sometimes be reminded, and, sometimes to remind, that always – this experience is beautiful.

For every sadness there are a million more joys, for every tear there are a million more smiles.

My Pop used to say something that really stuck with me, it was said to him by a priest when my Gran and Pop were preparing for their wedding, “Life is a bed of Roses, but there are bound to be some thorns”. If we are each laying in a bed of roses, what are you focusing on – the thorns? Or the heavenly scent of the Roses? Now, I’m not saying that you should ignore the things that cause you pain, I’m just saying you should look honestly at things in your life that make you want to be negative, or feel a negative emotion. Before whatever it is that happened to make you feel angry, jealous, threatened, whatever, did you say to yourself something like “I’m going to be so upset if this (situation) happens”; or “I’m going to be so angry if they did this”?

 I have noticed that in doing this we have actually created the very circumstance we didn’t want. For whatever reason, if you honestly look at yourself, you were secretly looking forward to feeling that emotion, whether as a release for feelings in another, perhaps similar circumstance, or, if it’s an emotion you use regularly, like frustration for example, you could actually be addicted to it.

 You can become just as addicted to your emotional patterns as you can to cigarettes.



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