Amanda Hocking – Trylle – The Complete Trilogy




Character Engagement


Knowledge Gained


Rather than review each book individually in this trilogy, I thought I’d review as one, as I read it like one book and each of the books blends seemlessly into the other.

The lead character, a girl called Wendy, can sometimes rub you the wrong way, but in this epic coming of age story she grows into a woman that you can’t help but love.

Spaced throughout the trilogy you’ll also find some bonus stories that give you more of a background into some of the key players in the story.

The Trylle series is full of magic, adventure and wonder with a bit of romance thrown into the mix with a rich tapestry of personalities that we really get to know and understand as the trilogy progresses.

Overall a great read with plenty of action to keep you engaged, and characters that leave you wanting more.

Suitable for young adults and grown ups who need a little magic in their lives.


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