A Golden Moment

by  Akasha

For many years I have been contemplating reality and our place in it… We often to refer to someone or something as being crazy when it does not partake in the common consensus of reality – that is what people generally accept as their reality. But… What is reality? If each person is a walking generator of […]



And Justice for all?

by  Akasha

I should have known that as we waited in the lobby for the hearing to proceed and I analysed the painting on the wall: Three Kookaburras sitting atop the lion and the unicorn.



The Bowels of Hell (Part II of “The Dark Side of Change”)

by  Akasha

Unable to return to the past, unable to think about the future, hanging by a thread to the present.



Amidst the Chaos

by  Akasha

Have you looked at the date lately and wondered where the first half of the year went? Actually I’ve been looking at the date and wondering where the hell I’ve put the last 2 years. It feels like I’ve just been living life from one week to the next, from one bill to the next, and now, […]



The True Spirit of Christmas

by  Akasha

“…all the effort they have gone to, to bring a smile to someone’s face they’ve never met.”



The Day I Met the Dark Side of Change

by  Akasha

Stillness on the outside. Turmoil on the inside…



Surrounded by Symbolism

by  Akasha

Funny how “having a lot of emotional baggage” can become a physical manifestation…



Love Thyself

by  Akasha

When I understood that it was stupid of me to expect people to love and accept me when I didn’t love and accept myself.



Earth – An Emotional Journey

by  Akasha

However, when we meet other travellers on our path through this life, if we share our stories, we may find a seed of wisdom that we can use for ourselves.



The Chicken or the Egg?

by  Akasha

It’s hard to leave the house when even your bird is enjoying his rainy day sleep-in.